I vividly remember my parents playing ping pong in the basement of our Illinois home, while a five-year-old me tried to keep score for them with a pad and paper. The action was a bit too fast and furious for my itty bitty pencil to keep up, but it was fun to try.

I recently took my own family to New York City for a little rest and relaxation, and saw something I had never seen before which changed the way I thought about table tennis.

Two pairs of players, each playing singles cross-court on the same table!

It was fun to watch, but if you want to see ping pong on another level, look no further than the Olympics:

Ping pong is a fun family activity. We’re fortunate to have a ping pong table on our screened porch, and my parents have one the set up in their garage for family gatherings. They’ve been a great investment, encouraging family interaction that doesn’t involve screens.

The folks over at Killerspin have a great selection of ping pong tables and accessories. Why not treat your family to some ping pong this year?